One of the 749 Old Marlburians
remembered in the Roll of Honour

WWI Centenary Commemoration

The First World War Archive

749 members of the Marlborough community – pupils, beaks and staff – lost their lives in the Great War, 1914-1918. Parts of their stories are contained in records held by the College, in particular in the Rolls of Honour which are kept in the Memorial Hall, and in the copies of The Marlburian of that time. The former consist of a photograph and a citation for each of those who died; the latter tell the story of many of them while at school, as well as in many cases obituary or In Memoriam notices when news of their death was received.

This valuable archive – the Rolls of Honour and copies of The Marlburian 1900-1925 – has now been digitally recorded, so that it is accessible and searchable. In years to come it is hoped that we may be able to extend the digital records of The Marlburian beyond those 20 years central to the story of the Great War, as well as including some of the remarkable letters, diaries and recollections of those who went off to fight. In this way we hope that this centenary commemoration will leave a legacy for future generations, so that the story of that sacrifice of 100 years ago can be better and more widely known.