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  • Monday 19 October 2015
  • @MCol_Archives is a good way to see what the Archive is doing day by day.  At present we're preparing for a Chapel Service of Words and Music for Charles Hamilton Sorley's centenary, attended by members of his family who are loaing some important material to the Archive, including his medals and letters on his poetry from Robert Graves to his father, the Professor of Moral Philosophy at Cambridge.  And also preparing the Fox memoirs and letters written during and after WW1 for online publication.

  • Monday 19 October 2015
  • The Wedgwood Herbarium of British native plants is now mostly in the Archive (part remains in Rare Books).  Mary Louisa Wedgwood donated it to the College in memory of her second son, Allen, also a botanist, with whom she collected many of the specimens, who was killed at Gallipoli.  The Biographical Diconary of Women in Science records her as an "imperious beauty" and an "outspoken and intelligent woman".  She was on the Council of the Botanical Society of the British Isles, and travelled widely in India and the Mediterranean.  During WW2 she lived in Marlborough to escape the Blitz and compiled and then published a catalogue which is still available to purchase online.

  • The Marlburians doomed by WW1

  • Thursday 04 December 2014
  • p8.jpg

    Roseveare, Guillebaud and Sidney Woodroffe VC Editors of The Marlburian magazine.

    All three were killed in action by August 1915.

  • The 749 - the writings and experiences of Old Marlburians in the First World War

  • Tuesday 02 December 2014
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    This film, which lasts 58 minutes, has been made as part of the College's First World War Centenary Commemoration, and tells the stories of some nine members of the Marlburian community one hundred years ago.

    It is based very much on their writings and on their experiences told through their own words, or through the words of those who have known them either personally or by studying them. It attempts to link their past with our present, and in so doing to preserve the collective memory of all those who served and who gave their lives.

    To watch the film please click here.


  • Class discovery leads to commemoration

  • Monday 24 November 2014
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    Shell students have commemorated OM fallen alongside their names that were discovered graffitied on their classroom wall earlier this year.

    The wall in North Block has more than 60 names dating back to the early 1900s and includes Allen Wedgwood and Ralph Kite MC.

    The names were copied down from the wall and researched by the students. Posters were made in memory of those men that went on to be killed in WW1.

    "It is a very sobering thought to imagine those boys stood here in this classroom writing their names more than a hundred years ago," said Form teacher Hugo Tilney.

    "Each boy would have been filled with hopes and dreams for the future - as our students are today - and yet for so many of them their lives were soon to be cut short.

    "It has been a thought-provoking process for this class and they were very quick to realise that one reason you might write your name on a wall is in order to be remembered. I hope that we have gone some way to achieving that."